watching the polygons


when someone pours dad’s old tinker-toy box full of marbles on the roof & they spill down the sides pinging & plunking everywhere just everywhere until we can’t help but laugh even though the car & the windows & our strawberries & oh my the new azaleas


when the sky one-one-thousand flashes & we are caught in stop-action still frames with bette davis eyes until the giants two-one-thousand in heaven start moving their furniture lord that must’ve been a heavy chifferobe & the wind the wind oh my did you hear that wind?


so we sit in a bathtub with flashlights & blankets & our little dog too quiet like mice waiting we’re waiting for



mary oliver






we knew it was
a mammal when
fur moved from
field to tree
and even though
there were mixed
fractions we
were distracted
so you went
prowling all of
us howling cat
dog coyote until
it leapt away and
back you came
classification sated
we all waited but you
said nothing knowing
something seeing
order somewhere
between sun and
shade telling us
there is a



kay ryan




I knew the end before she started so I laughed when she said raccoon. have you ever been to sacramento? even in the rain stars look like stars: scratches through a silvered mirror, cake crumbs on a peel-and-stick floor. the day she died I wore blue earrings. did you ever lose your keys? I get distracted by mud: the smell of worms, evidence of animals. I have crawled through the bathroom window and unlocked doors. I have picked up clumps of soaking wet leaves. I have back-tracked. do you ever hear a thing I say? it’s still raining. raining. there’s a raccoon underneath the bird feeder eating all the black-oiled sunflower seeds. a raccoon. did you hear me? I said a raccoon.

a driveway
full of finches; no one
answers the door




paper lizards



after she stumbles we both stop 

it’s a tack she says picking up that tiny blue I guess kids are pulling them down she stretches to the top of the board reinserting the construction paper lizards leer and form orange-tongued hisses I nod I get it I understand

there are days when the air is so full so heavy with voices sound words metal simply pops out reptiles fall down little feet crush what gluesticks stuck together it’s hard to hear to feel your own lungs breathe you just walk on 

please save all the data to the disk

if there’s a penguin on the tray it’s snowing but no one has coats when the bell rings this isn’t a talking time we are quiet mice yet syllables rise syllables fall consonants and high-pitched vowels melt together on our tongues

the cafeteria will furnish bagged lunches

green papers wave now everyone turn face the building we don’t know we don’t get the message but what does it matter lead us back to our seats to the carpet quickly quietly now everyone sit down now everyone      breathe

the last person in closes the door

wordle 291


red rover


I dare you to
remember the blue
grass our bare
feet that kid
cooler than we’d
ever be parked
in his trans
am still
waiting on
waiting on
the thunder

those sec-
onds stolen
the street
lights and
time it’s time
to go it’s
to go home
send tommy
right over



PAD #8 (dare)