(a list of some of my publications and other sharings)

empty nest


The Living Haiku Anthology


on lovely sites, zines and pdf —

new year’s day — issa’s untidy hut | new year’s haiku challenge 2014

the last time you flew — cattails (January 2014) | haibun

mask — cattails (January 2014) | haibun

guest editorship — the zen space | Summer 2013 Showcase

storm warning — kernels | summer edition 2013

he likes to drink tea — four and twenty | volume 6 issue 4

too beautiful/ black butterfly moon/ red leaves — ‘the zen space’

new moon — ‘haiku news’ — ‘vol 2 no 1’

a hawk screams — ‘haiku news’ — ‘vol 1 no 50’

cassiopeia/ apples drop — nahaiwrimo — ‘with cherries on top’

news of your death–‘tinywords 12.1’ ‘neverending story: butterfly dream’

singing moon–‘yay words!’ — ‘sea bandits’

sometimes I remember–‘right hand pointing’ — ‘questions’

price check–‘haiku news’ — ‘vol 1 no 27’

fish bowl–‘haiku news’ — ‘vol 1 no 25’

lovesme/ cold spring rain/ will robins/ another dream… —‘yay words!’ — ‘things with wings’

white bones (photo-haiga collaboration) — ‘haigaonline’ — ‘vol 13 issue 1: contemporary haiga’

traffic jam/ this path/ morning fog–‘the zen space’

this path/ daylilies– ‘pond life’–john daleiden

opossum/ lake– ‘right hand pointing’–‘issue 52: airbursts and shattercones’

winter rain (photo-haiga)– ‘yay words!’ — ‘fox dreams’

before the rain/ cold wind (photo-haiga)– ‘the zen space’

a solitary bird–‘per diem: daily haiku — the haiku foundation 3/3/12

dough & saturday– ‘four and twenty’ — december 2011

lights–‘candle in the wind’–john daleiden

amelia, ohio — ‘right hand pointing’ — ‘cities issue 46’

morning cold–‘momento mori’ john daleiden

he thinks again — ‘tinywords 11.3’

october rain–‘yay words!’ –‘tea with trolls’

circles/ pond/ sun/ morning/ doves--‘the zen space’

8/20/11–‘a handful of stones’

8/4/11–‘a handful of stones’

7/12/11–‘a handful of stones’

today slips — ‘tinywords 11.2’

empty nest — ‘tinywords 11.1’

whale–‘four and twenty’– vol 3 issue 9′

a solitary bird–‘tinywords 10.2’

realizing the truth of the matter… —‘rwp anthology’

the truth–‘right hand pointing 33’

a british petroleum found pantoum–‘the black flood’

to organisms storing dispersant indefinitely in your soft tissue–‘poets for living waters’

5/12/10–‘a handful of stones’

river water–‘poem2day’

4/9/10–‘a handful of stones’

immured/ …chair/ ancient wing/ eight carbon atoms–‘contemporary american voices’

blackbirds/ strange cosmos–‘thirteen myna birds’–april 12, 2010

march–‘four and twenty’–vol 3 issue 3

3/10/10–‘a handful of stones’

2/26/10–‘a handful of stones’

stay off the back roads/ planet pomegranate–‘cats with thumbs’

2/13/10–‘a handful of stones’

he sat alone–‘four and twenty’

2/2/10--‘a handful of stones’

pieces–‘postcard shorts’

1/9/10–‘a handful of stones’

1/4/10–‘a handful of stones’

fresh-baked & snowflakes–‘four and twenty’

let me explain–‘the red ceilings’

12/4/10–‘a handful of stones’

through the skull of phineas gage–‘right hand pointing 29’

11/24/09–‘a handful of stones’

joseph merrick’s bones–‘the human genre project’

flash flood–‘four and twenty’

10/20/09–‘a handful of stones’

I saw an old man/ wedding invitation–‘four and twenty’vol 2 issue 10

double strands–‘the human genre project’

propagation–‘bolts of silk’

little gallows man–‘the red ceilings’

summer rain–‘a handful of stones’

rubble–‘the red ceilings’

7/30/09–‘a handful of stones’

7/15/09–‘a handful of stones’

fame–‘six sentences’

6/26/09–‘a handful of stones’

6/21/09–‘a handful of stones’

5/31/09–‘a handful of stones’

why I always come running–‘bolts of silk’

today slips

on lovely paper —

she is laughing/ creek water slides–‘a blackbird sings’

falling snow; I open the door–‘pay attention: a river of stones’

a solitary bird–‘tinywords 10.2’

donkey–‘physiognomy in letters 2’

eggs–‘ouroboros review 2’

tipping the family tree–‘physiognomy in letters’

the glass ceiling–‘breadcrumb scabs 1’

on lovely blogs —

saturday/ almost egg moon/ someone lives here–‘shiteki na usagi

crow watching–‘red dragonfly’

this pumpkin–‘red dragonfly’

eastern daylight time–‘red dragonfly’

this brief life/ dragonfly--‘red dragonfly’

a tree falls–‘red dragonfly’

empty pond–‘red dragonfly’

I am sitting–‘taralinda muses’

cicada song–‘red dragonfly’

winter moon–‘red dragonfly’

snow–‘red dragonfly’

this last breath/plum tomatoes–‘red dragonfly’

today’s mown grass–‘codesparrow’

a british petroleum found pantoum–‘craftygreen poet’

gather the cracked and brittle shards–‘the pedestrian crossing’

strawberry–‘quaerere deum’

cold wind

images —

everyone waits–‘red dragonfly’

this child’s hands‘yay words!’ — ‘sea bandits’

she’s home/ light in the shadow–‘shiteki na usagi

winter rain–‘yay words!’–‘fox dreams’

before the rain/ cold wind–‘the zen space’

today slips– ‘tinywords 11.2’

empty nest– ‘tinywords 11.1’

shadow duck–‘hey harriet’

dog-day cicada–‘hexapod haiku/ncsu insect blog

freezing creek–‘festival of the trees 44/treeblog’

shadow sparrow–‘hey harriet’

poetry by angie werren 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016



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