storm warning

she speaks monotonously to the bend in the wall.   she drones.
outside this window the field is full of birds:   pairs of killdeer, of canada geese.
a red-tailed hawk circles then lands on the broken goalpost.
I turn away;   I turn into the cave of this room.
sun binds the space between us.
your mouth is a straight line — a vow of anger, of silence.

red-fisted morning
this branch like a small tree




wordle 108

kernels | summer edition 2013



13 thoughts on “37

  1. What a captivating and sad piece this is. It is at time such as these you want to transform into that hawk and live another life. But perhaps best you don’t peck his eyes out.

    1. thank you.

      I would never peck his eyes out — I’m there to keep him from pecking out hers. 😉

  2. There is a sense of anger and then final doom – great metaphor of the fallen branch and the color of the sky. I love the line:
    /your mouth is a straight line/ it says so much. And I love the line of this poem, powerful.

  3. your mouth is a straight line — a vow of anger, of silence – this can’t be a good sign! Falls – simple, powerful ending to the storm thats coming!


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