the witch’s promise


          lend me your ear while I call you a fool
                — Ian Anderson


the day you were born, girl, we counted turtles.   we counted fingers and toes.   the red-haired neighbor printed your star chart.   she talks to angels.   you hid leaves  red yellow and brown  in her shoes.   you built fires, girl, and stood in the rain whispering to the moon.   I saw you;   yeah, I saw you.   I knew.   are you still happy?   the day you were born, girl.   just tell me — do you still smile?   I keep a lock of hair in my pocket.   is this something I did or something I didn’t do?   you blew in like a breeze.   you blew in like a handful of dust.   the day you were born, girl.   I bought you a pony all your own.   now I stand here, watching as everything I love grows wings.

if no one ever
marries me—



miz quickly’s #6 | *Fool’s Paradise — yay words! | process

the songs:   The Witch’s Promise — Jethro Tull | fire and rain — James Taylor | Girl — Beck | She Talks to Angels — The Black Crowes | If No One Ever Marries Me — Natalie Merchant | Constellations — Jack Johnson


8 thoughts on “the witch’s promise

    1. such a strange and bittersweet thing, isn’t it?
      my baby’s having her 21st b’day tonight…

      haven’t yet figured out how I feel about that.

  1. I love all the songs on your play list, and the way you put them to use in this piece.If everything you love grows wings, you’re doing something right.


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