I try


to move out of bed
one foot on the floor
one leg refusing

some days
it’s hard to be human
this webfooted walk
this steady beat

april sun —
a glimpse through the bottom
of the window





13 thoughts on “I try

    1. thanks, brenda!

      yeah — barb got me interested. 😀 I try to do napowrimo (this first week is my spring break) so I at least have a week of time. I may dip into a few other prompt sites before the day (week) is over.

      I’m glad there’s a friendly bird (caw!) in the forest… 😉

  1. Both feet on the floor seems to suggest solidity and balance. Poets in April have no such thing. Like your portrait, it’s familiar because I see it each day in the mirror.


    1. thank you, elizabeth!

      (I found your comments — I had several end up in spam today. I guess wordpress is overwhelmed with all us poets! 🙂 )


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