how to eat a poem

begin with a young blackbird (bursting with ripe blackberries) pressed and aged, poured in a heavy-bottomed recycled glass goblet. sip while you prepare the recipe.

carefully open your packaged poem. it is advisable to let it adjust for a few moments on the counter while you gather, while you prepare. just set it aside while you chop, while you sautée. (let it breathe; let it absorb your temperatures). choose a stoneware dish created in the silesian region of poland: square-shaped, hand-stamped with dried sea sponges. any variation of the traditional peacock pattern will do. remove your poem from its container by sliding a knife around its edges; slip it out gently (like childbirth). catch it, cradle it in your wet hands.

place the first stanza of your poem in the peacock-patterned dish. add layers of sautéed vegetables: the shitake mushrooms, the red onions, the tender leaf spinach, the sliced roma tomatoes. add more stanzas. alternate with marinara, with ricotta, with slices of buffalo mozzarella. sprinkle with fresh basil, a little sea salt, a little fresh-ground pepper. the title of your poem should be the final layer; finish with perfection.

place the peacock dish full of poem in a cold oven. allow adjustment. set the fire after you shut the door to avoid heartbreak, to avoid lasting damage. (these are unique creations; they cannot be restored). you will notice a rich, wonderful aroma filling your head, opening your heart. this is how you will know that your poem is ready to eat. remove it carefully from the oven; do not sit the dish on cold or wet surfaces. let it cool a moment before slicing.

serve warm with bread, with salad, with fine young blackbirds.



2 thoughts on “how to eat a poem

  1. Angie – Missed you on Twitter – Glad to see you have a Facebook blog
    T. D. Ingram -(Haikujots)

    1. oh, I’m so glad you found my fb page! twitter became a little much for me; keep thinking I’m going to delete it … but I sort of get a kick out of getting new followers without even tweeting. 😉 I think the fb thing will be easier for me to keep things all together…


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