the demon whistles


and I set this mug of orange pekoe on a shaped composite that could be
granite a cool smoothness to deflect unspoken words written as to-do
notes these yellow scraps of paper ample enough to capture the unformed


the demon whistles

and I look through the window this montage of color and sunrise if
I had planted jasmine the scent would cloy it would mask the flawed
odor of this trapped being I am the ruler of my domain


the demon whistles





7 thoughts on “the demon whistles

  1. jasmine
    demons (demon)
    scrap (scraps)
    whistle (whistles)
    sunset (sunrise)

  2. Hooray, it’s Angie..talking about demons and whistles….I’m whistling now, long and low, hoping to lure you back to the Whirl’s web with greater regularity. πŸ˜‰ The form on the page is interesting. I love that the demon pulls me away from the mundane, if just in brief snippets.

  3. A haunting refrain…my fictional character was happy with his ‘domain’ in ‘Crust’

  4. thank you everyone for your visits, likes and comments! of course, I jumped back into the pool the week my daughter got married! πŸ˜€ I have this upcoming week completely free so I fully intend to read all your poems and try this again!


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