realizing the truth of the matter during mutual of omaha’s wild kingdom


somewhere in the ghats of india
wild dogs are hungry for antelope
a mother runs to save her own life
abandons     her brave doomed young

you sit on the couch     next to me
interrupting    talking about prom
dresses physics exams graduation
announcements     I watch

the words fall from your mouth

I’m redecorating your room
in my head

the tiny antelope smacks water with her hoof
she lunges randomly     she struggles but
she has no chance     hidden dogs
drag her down     the pack yips and yowls
in celebration of      sacrifice     of victory

my mother is in gatlinburg      she calls me
because she has forgotten to tell us     that
she left     she says I love you     she says
call the cell phone     if you need me

I need you

I whisper into
the sounds     of disconnection

a bird’s egg is broken in our driveway
the insides     not quite ready to fly     bleed
into hard cracked asphalt      a robin peers
cocks its head      left then right then
flies back to her nest      disappearing
into     the absolving green

for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

there is no push if you     walk away
no force if you just




read write poem napowrimo anthology (pg 105) — september 2010




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